Elephant Families are at Endanger
Asian Elephant Mother with Young

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We will be using this website while construction of our new website is being completed. Please check here first for the status of our new website, petitions, and programs.

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Please sign our Care2 petition to stop the slaughter of elephant families by speeding trains!
Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant
Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant (CIFAE) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded by Ron Chandler and Amirthraj C. Williams in 2000. We work with indigenous groups, local and regional not-for-profit organizations, and other NGOs to design and implement sustainability plans toward improving conditions for elephants, rhinos, and tigers by improving conditions for the people that share their habitats.

Our Mission
Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant, Inc. (CIFAE) shall identify the issues of critical importance to the long-term survival and sustainability of the Asian elephant and the indigenous peoples sharing its habitat. We shall assist with the design, implementation and maintenance of projects and programs that resolve these critical issues.
Becoming a Member
CIFAE membership is free. Rather than membership dues we ask that you contribute funds and time to helping us save Asian elephants. We will show you how!

Remember to sign our Care2 Petition "Stop Trains from Killing Elephant Families"

Stay tuned, and watch for news clips about our CIFAE's staff and our programs coming soon as new pages here, and a new website.



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